The Street, Bracon Ash, Norwich NR14 8EL

Terms and Conditions of Contract for Occasional and Seasonal Hire of the Hall

The Village Hall Committee does not wish to impose undue restriction on the enjoyment and use of the Hall.  However, there is a need to ensure that all parties help to maintain the premises in good condition for the benefit of all Hall users.  These terms and Conditions are intended to contribute to this goal.


The Hall is the building and associated land situated in the The Street, Bracon Ash, Norwich NR14 8EL, known as Bracon Ash & Hethel Village Hall.
The Village Hall Committee is the body who is responsible for the running and management of the Hall.
The Hirer shall be any person or persons, club or organisation that is not under the direct supervision of the Village Hall Committee, which uses the facility and the associated services of the Village Hall.
The Secretary shall be the person, or their deputy, appointed by the Village Hall Committee to oversee the leasing and hiring of the premises to the Hirer.
The Fee shall be the sum to be paid by the Hirer to the Village Hall Committee for the use of the Hall and its facilities.
The Deposit shall be an additional sum paid by the Hirer to the Village Hall Committee as security against damage to the property or for failing to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition. 
Regular Users shall be persons or bodies renting the Hall on an open ended weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.

Payment of Fees

Unless specifically agreed by the Secretary or the Village Hall Committee in writing, a £25.00 deposit shall be paid to the Secretary at the time of booking with the final balance payable 7 days before the event.  The Village Hall Committee will determine the fee charged to occasional hirers and the fee will be made known to hirers before a booking is made.  Once a booking is made no increase in fee will be incurred except for any necessary annual increases for regular users.  At least three months notice of fee increases shall be given to regular users
Fees payable for regular or seasonal use shall be agreed between the hirer and the Secretary and will be based on an individual basis depending on regularity of use and scope of hire.
Should a hirer cancel their booking prior to the hire date the hirer shall be liable for payment of the fee unless the premises can be let to another hirer.

Fire and Safety Regulations

The Village Hall Committee would like to draw the attention of hirers to the Fire notices displayed in the premises.  They should ensure that all users are made aware of these notices and of the actions to be taken in case of fire.
Under no circumstances is smoking permitted within the confines of the Hall.
The Fire authorities have imposed a restriction on the maximum number of persons that may use the premises at any one time.  This number varies with the type of use for which the hall is being used.  At no time shall more than 80 persons, including staff and helpers, be in the Hall at the same time.  Exact limitations for the required activity should be discussed with the secretary prior to booking, as the permitted number of persons may be considerably less for certain activities.


The hirer shall not permit any licensable activities under the Licencing Act 2003 without the prior consent of the Bracon Ash & Hethel Village Hall Management Committee.

  • The sale of alcohol will be in compliance with premises licence (PLA0082) held by Bracon Ash & Hethel Village Hall Management Committee.
  • The hirer will operate a Challange 25 policy for all sales of alcohol, where the only acceptable forms of identification are recognised identification cards, such as driving licence, passport or proof of age card with the PASS hologram.

Care of Premises

Hooks have been provided at the top of the walls located at several places around the main hall interior just below the ceiling.  These can be used for decorations, banners, etc.  No additional methods of securing (such as drawing pins, tacks, nails or adhesive) are to be used on the walls or ceiling.  No modification or alteration is to be made to the electrical and plumbing systems and / or equipment without permission from the Village Hall Committee in writing.
Hirers are asked to maintain the cleanliness and remove all rubbish and residues caused by their use of the premises prior to leaving.  Where the hall is left dirty and rubbish is not removed then the cost of rectification may be deducted from the deposit.
No gas bottles or naked flames (other than for reasonable use for birthday cake candles and the like) are to be used without specific permission from the Village Hall Committee in writing.
On leaving the premises hirers must ensure that all electrical appliances, lights and the heating are switched off.  The outside lighting will remain on for a short while provided the applicable instructions are followed.  These instructions are mounted adjacent to the exterior light switches.
Please ensure that all wash basin and kitchen sink water taps are turned off and plugs are removed from the basin drains prior to leaving.


Hirers shall indemnify the Hall Committee against any and all damage to property and persons resulting from the hirer’s use of the premises, howsoever caused.
Hirers are urged to ensure that they have the necessary insurance in place to cover their activities whilst using the Hall.
Hirer’s are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions or licences that may be required for their activities.  Hirers are also responsible for ensuring all statutory regulations covering their activities are observed, including regulations applying to employment, safety and access for physically or mentally disabled persons, as may be applicable to the hirer’s activity, whilst on the premises.  The Hall has a Health and Safety policy which must be strictly observed.  Detail of both can be obtained from the secretary.
In the unlikely event that the hall is unable to fulfil a confirmed booking, for what ever reason, then the liability of the Village Hall Committee shall be limited to a full refund of the fee for the period of the booking that the hall is not available.

Supply of Electricity

The cost of electricity for lighting is included in the hire fee.

Queries and Communication

Unless otherwise agreed, all communications are to be addressed to the Secretary.  Any clarification required in respect of these Terms and Conditions should also be directed to the Booking Secretary.
Bracon Ash & Hethel Village Hall Committee October 2017


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